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OA Talk – Treatment and Drugs

Osteoarthritis (OA) Talk – Treatment and Drugs
22nd March 2013

To enhance the community’s education of arthritis and rheumatism, a talk of Osteoarthritis (OA) – the treatment and medication, was held on 22nd March 2013 at Hong Kong Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation Jockey Club Patient Resource and Training Centre. There were 34 participants in total.

At the beginning, the talk was conducted by Dr. Gavin LEE, a Specialist in Rheumatology, who mainly focused on explaining the factors of OA and clarifying the misunderstanding about OA. Then, Dr. LEE introduced the importance of different treatments, such as medication, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, stress management, and surgery. This information definitely arouses the participant’s awareness of OA.

Apart from this, the talk was continued by PhD. Anna WL YUNG, a pharmacist, who clarified different treatments for relieving pain and explained the misunderstandings on drugs used. And then, according to introduce WHO’s three step of Pain Relief Ladder, PhD. YUNG simplified the classification of using analgesic drugs. It helps the participants to notice the importance of drug management.

The talk then followed by a Q&A session where participants actively asked questions. Dr. LEE and PhD YUNG answered with patience to solve their doubts. The audiences found the information from the talk useful and hoped to participate in the activities held at HKARF Jockey Club Patient Resource and Training Centre in the future.

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