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22 February 2024

[Foundation power suspension and arrangements]

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[Foundation power suspension and arrangements]

As there will be a power suspension for fixed electrical installations and switchboard maintenance on February 23, from 9 am to 6 pm, we anticipate that our Foundation will be directly affected. In order to mitigate any disruptions, our team will be working from home and will make every effort to maintain service, although we will not have access to the office desktop. Please expect some delays in our responses during this time. Thank you for your understanding.

7 February 2024

Arrangement of Chinese New Year’s Eve (January 9)

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The Foundation will be closed in the afternoon on Chinese New Year’s Eve (January 9). Wishing you a Prosperous New Year in this auspicious new year!

19 December 2023

Arrangement of Winter Solstice (December 22)

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The Foundation will be closed in the afternoon on Winter Solstice (December 22). Wishing you a happy Winter Solstice and a joyful Christmas!

11 December 2023

Review of Patient Conference 2023

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Thank You for Attending Patient Conference 2022. You can now review our rich programme contents on our YouTube channel.

Opening Ceremony – Patient Conference 2023
What is the Ultimate Goal for the Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases? – Patient Conference 2023 – Plenary 1
Mindfulness for Rheumatism: Why and How? – Patient Conference 2023 – Symposium 1A
Self-management Exercises for Rheumatism – Patient Conference 2023 – Symposium 1B
Perceived Benefits Experienced in Mutual Patient Support for Self and Society – Patient Conference 2023 – Plenary 2
Appreciation Ceremony Honors Various Selfless Rheumatic Heroes – Patient Conference 2023
Art Therapy for Rheumatism – Patient Conference 2023 – Symposium 2A
Nutrition and Weight Management – Patient Conference 2023 – Symposium 2B

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