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SLE Treatment & Eye related disease

SLE Treatment & Eye related disease
10th May 2013

An educational talk of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) was held at the Scout Association of Hong Kong on 10th May 2013. The talk aimed to introduce different kinds of medication of SLE patients and to explain the related eye diseases. There were 77 participants in total.

At the beginning, the talk was conducted by Dr. Douglas LAM, an ophthalmologist, who mainly explained the related eye diseases that SLE patients suffered the most. And then, Dr. LAM mentioned the symptoms and medications for eye diseases so as to arouse the patients’ awareness on preventing the problem getting worse. At last, Dr. LAM shared some tips on protecting our eyes by paying attention to the living style and using nutrition.

On the other hand, the talk was continued by Ms. Priscilla WONG, a Specialist in Rheumatology, who introduced the symptoms of SLE by showing some pictures about different shapes of erythema, which helped patients knowing the condition very much. After explained the medication and drug-used, Dr. WONG finally showed some pictures about patients having pre- and post-treatment, which is definitely encourage patients and their families to be positive during treatment.

The talk then followed by a Q&A session where participants actively asked questions. Dr. LEE and Ms. WONG answered with patience to solve their doubts. The audiences found the information from the talk useful and hoped to participate to the activities in the future.

John Doe