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Talk – Myths of using biologic therapies

Educational Talk – Myths of using biologic therapies
19th January 2014

Educational Talk for Myths of using biologic therapies was taken part in Diamond Room , 5/F, The Cityview on 19th January 2014. The talk aimed to enhance patients’ understanding of biologics. There were 80 participants in total.

The talk was started by Dr. Gavin LEE, a specialist in Rheumatology, to introduce the history and development of biologics. Using the result of international and local researches, he illustrated the function and common side-effects of biologics. Dr. LEE had explained the common falsehoods of biologics including the problem of drug-resistance and carcinogenesis. People worried biologics were artificial with greater side-effects than common oral drugs. Dr. LEE emphasized that biologics was the outcome of advanced medical technology. With better understanding on human structure and mechanism, biologics were designed specifically and thus they were more effective as well as less side-effect than the common oral drugs He urged the participants to seek help from medical personnel if they had any doubts on the use of medications to prevent delay of treatment.

Most participants were satisfied with the arrangement and content of the talk. This helped them to clarify the falsehoods of vaccination. They were interested in the effectiveness of and vaccines that specified for rheumatology patients. They hoped to participate to these activities in the future.

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