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Occupational Therapist consultation service

4 July 2019

Occupational therapists provide suggestion to arthritis patients on joint protection and teach them how to use adaptive equipment to improve daily living skills. Also, they can tailor make splints for patients. Occupational therapy is important to arthritis patients as most of them suffer from joints problem. However, there is service gap in the public medical system and patients need to wait 4 to 6 months to meet the occupational therapists. In order to let the patients meet the therapists earlier, the Foundation launched this consultation service and hoped to help patients improve the joints situation earlier.

Doctor Referral Form (Updated 10 Jan 2019)

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Target: Patients suffered from Autoimmune Arthritis diseases
Venue: HKARF Jockey Club Patient Resource & Training Centre
Fee: $80.00 per consultation
(Half price for CSSA recipients)
(Any adaptive equipment purchase not included in the fee)



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