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Exercise Programme

4 July 2019

Most of the arthritis patients will have joint pain and so they will do less exercise to avoid the painfulness. However, the lack of exercise will result in the stiffness and degeneration of the joints. Thus, the Foundation organizes the exercise class to teach the patients how to improve the condition. A physiotherapist will teach a group of 8-10 patients how to exercise properly. Also, the exercise will be designated for arthritis patients to release their pain. From year 2020, this programme is funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, and included in the Jockey Club Rheumatic Patient Rehabilitation and Education Programme.

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Target: Patients suffered from Autoimmune Arthritis diseases
Venue: HKARF Jockey Club Patient Resource & Training Centre
Fee: $300.00 for a 6-lesson course
(Half price for CSSA recipients)
(No refund)


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