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Seasonal Talk: Healthy Eating Tips for Arthritis

Seasonal Talk: Healthy Eating Tips for Arthritis
25 July 2015

Seasonal Talk – Healthy Eating Tips for Arthritis was taken part in Room1001-1003, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, North Point on 25 July 2015. The talk aimed to enhance people’s understanding on the correct eating habit for patients with arthritis and rheumatism. There were 144 participants in total.

The talk was started by Ms. CHAN Bik-ki, a rheumatology nurse, to introduce ingredients like vegetables, fruits, deep sea fish that were generally recommended to patients with rheumatism. These ingredients might reduce the inflammatory response. Ms. CHAN reminded participants that overconsumption of certain food was not suggested even though they were healthy. Many patients with rheumatism often asked Ms. CHAN what kind of food should be avoided. She emphasized that there was no scientific report certifying that patients were not allowed to take particular food substances. Since people had unique physical condition and needs in nutrients, Ms. CHAN encouraged the participants to be aware of their own eating habits in order to maintain good health. Appropriate physical exercises were required at the same time.

Apart from this, the talk was continued by Prof. Linda ZHONG, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner, to explain the rheumatic diseases from traditional Chinese medical science perspectives. The physical constitution of human could be divided into 9 categories with related diet regimen. Since different people might have different physical condition, Prof. ZHONG reminded participants to seek probable advices from registered practitioners when they had any inquiries. Lastly, Prof. ZHONG introduced the common healthy diet for different rheumatic diseases which might help to regulate the body and relieve the side effects of medications.

The talk then followed by a Q&A session where participants actively asked questions. Ms. Chan and Prof. ZHONG answered with patience to solve their doubts. The audiences found the information from the talk useful and showed great interested in similar topic.

Please click here to donwload Prof. ZHONG’s powerpoint

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