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Seasonal Talk – Joint protection and training

Seasonal Talk – Joint protection and training
5th September 2015

Joint protection and training was taken part in Hall, 1/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building on 5th September 2015. The talk aimed to enhance people’s understanding of the role and function of physiotherapy and occupational therapy in treating arthritis and rheumatism. There were 227 participants in total.

The talk was started by Ms. Kristan LEUNG, a registered occupational therapist, to introduce the principle of joint protection. Many were not aware of their daily practice who often use small joints like finger joints in doing housework or daily work. Inappropriate use of joints might increase the risk of deformity. Thus, Ms. LEUNG illustrated the correct way to use the joints and reminded the participants to use rehabilitation aids if necessary. This could promote the function and recovery of joints. Moreover, Ms. LEUNG stated that patients’ emotion might highly affect their health condition. She introduced “8 Ways Sitting in Meditation”, a stress relief relaxation skill to encourage the participants to practice regularly for relaxing their tense nerve.

Apart from this, the talk was continued by Ms. Jonah CHUNG, a registered physiotherapist, to explain how to relieve pain. Most patients with arthritis were annoyed by joint pain. Hot and cold compress were useful ways to ease pain but many were not clear about the principle of application. Ms. CHUNG emphasized that hot compress would be applied unless the muscle and joint did not have red, swollen or heat symptoms. If those symptoms were present, cold compress would be a better choice. She also introduced several common devices for hot and cold compress and reminded the participants to choose appropriate device carefully. Different types of rehabilitation exercises and principles were stated and demonstrated. Ms. CHUNG reminded the participants again the points for attention when doing those exercises.

Most participants were interested in the demonstration by the two speakers. They followed the speakers to practice the relaxation skills and exercises. Also, Ms. LEUNG and Ms. CHUNG answered their enquiries patiently. They were satisfied with the arrangement and content of the talk and hoped to join these activities in the future.

Please click below link to download the speakers’ powerpoints:

Ms Kristan Leung (Occupational therapist)
Ms Jonah Chung (Physiotherapist)

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