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10 November 2021

20th Anniversary Charity Gala

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Founded in 2001 with its mission to improve quality of life of arthritis patients, Hong Kong Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation Limited (HKARF) has been dedicated to offering comprehensive educational and rehabilitation services and providing financial and psychological support. HKARF held its 20th Anniversary Charity Gala on 20th October at Shouson Theatre. Over 400 rheumatologists, nurses, patient groups and volunteers graced us with their presence to raise funds for the good cause. The Charity Gala raised around one million four hundred thousand dollars to support the Foundation’s future development.

It was an immense pleasure that the Chief Executive of Hospital Authority Dr. Ko, Pat Sing Tony bestowed us by being Guest of honor. A specular show was staged at the Charity Gala. Mr. Anderson Junior and Ms. Lau, Choi Yuk were the hosts. Famous performers Mr. Yip, Chun Tong, Mr. Lee, Lung Kei, Ms. Lau, Choi Yuk, and our special guest Ms. Fong, Yi Kei (listed in no particular order) performed live and evoked a nostalgia for golden songs of the past. Ms. Sit, Ka Yin recorded a short video to wish the Foundation a happy 20th birthday.

Two microfilms “SUPERWOMAN” and “竹.迷.藏” were made by HKRAA and B27 Association, respectively, were played on the screen. The cast of “SUPERWOMAN” includes Ms. Chau, Sau Na Chrissie and Mr. Sammy Leung. The cast of “竹.迷.藏” includes Mr. Chau, Pak Ho, Ms. Cheung, Man Ka Crystal, and Mr. Poon, Wan Fung. Both microfilms are heartwarming. They do exemplary jobs of showing the difficulties in arthritis and rheumatic patients and spreading awareness and education. The program was live streamed on YouTube. It was watched by more than 500 viewers.

In addition to the performances, many donors generously donated to support the good cause. Dr. Lee, Ka Wing the Chairman, Mr. Chan, Kar Lok the Vice Chairman and the Chairman of 20th Anniversary Fund-Raising Committee, and Dr. Ng, Kam Hung the Vice Chairman promised to continue to engage and empower arthritis and rheumatic patients to strive for better health.

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18 June 2021

Suggestions for adult patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases on COVID vaccine (Source – The Hong Kong Society of Rheumatology)

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Suggestions for adult patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases on COVID vaccine (Source – The Hong Kong Society of Rheumatology)

7 October 2020

The Jockey Club Rheumatic Patient Rehabilitation and Education Programme was launched

Organisation news

With the support by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Hong Kong Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation Limited is pleased to launch the Jockey Club Rheumatic Patient Rehabilitation and Education Programme (the Programme).

Through a series of evidence-proved training activities effective for rheumatic disease care, this programme will facilitate rheumatic patient participants to control their disease, overcome hardships and live with the diseases in a more relaxing and confident way.

Besides, community exhibitions and various e-learning platforms of the Programme will strengthen awareness among the public on arthritis and rheumatic diseases. It also helps to promote people with similar symptoms to have early identification and treatment so as to reduce possible complication.

Programme Objectives:
1. Empower rheumatic patients to master and engage in rehabilitation activities to improve the quality of life.
2. Establish peer coach support network and strengthen community resources and collaboration to increase supports to rheumatic patients.
3. Increase public awareness of arthritis and rheumatic diseases.

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16 October 2019

RTHK Program on Rheumatic Diseases

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To echo the World Arthritis Day (12th Oct) as designated by the World Health Organisation, Hong Kong Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation partnered with RTHK to launch a series of radio interviews on rheumatic diseases. Rheumatologists were invited to share the information concerning the aetiology, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of the disease; social workers talked about the information on community resources and disease self-help groups; patients shared their stories regarding how they fight against the disease and lived with a positive attitude. The five consecutive episodes were broadcasted every Wednesday at 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm from 4 September 2019 to 2 October 2019. You are welcome to listen to the program below. Read more

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