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Timeline 2001 - 2023

August 2020

With the support of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Foundation was pleased to launch the three-year Jockey Club Rheumatic Patient Rehabilitation and Education Programme from August 2020 to July 2023.

July 2019

The Foundation was selected as the beneficiary of the charity concert organised by Hong Kong Medical Association Charitable Foundation, raising funds for the hydrotherapy and physiotherapy exercise stretching programs.

May 2012

The first Arthritis Resources and Training Centre was opened on May 2012 for patients, carers and the general public. As The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust generously donated the renovation cost of the centre, the centre was named after Jockey Club as “HKARF Jockey Club Patients Resources and Training Centre”.

November 2010

The new service of the psycho-social program was launched. The Arthritis Buddy Helpline was operated by the trained volunteers to provide peer counselling and arthritis-related information.

June 2010

Donors could make donations into the donation boxes installed at the cashiers of the Supermarket at Sogo Department store in Causeway Bay.

October 2009

This was the first time that a carnival was held to celebrate International Arthritis Day. It could help to promote the Foundation and the information to the public directly.

September 2009

The first “East meets West” series was held and the topic was “The Role of Acupuncture in the management of Rheumatic Diseases”. These educational series aim to promote interflow of knowledge and experience on patient management between health care professionals practising western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine in the field of rheumatology.

April 2009

The Foundation cooperated with SAR Philharmonic to hold “Touch the Soul” Charity Concert to raise fund for the new psycho-social program.

February 2009

CHARM was published as a regular newsletter in English to provide the most updated information about rheumatology among different professional.

June 2008

The Foundation joined WiseGiving as one of the WiseGiving Charity. Also, the donors could make a donation to the Foundation through 7-Eleven stores from Dec 2008.

March 2008

The Foundation sponsored the Hydrotherapy Programme to support the arthritis patients to experience the advantage of hydrotherapy exercise.

March 2007

The HKARF/HKSR scholarship and the HKARF Research Grant were set up to support the oversea training and local study related to arthritis diseases.

September 2006

HKARF cooperated with RTHK to produce a series of 9 episodes educational radio program to provide up-to-date information about different arthritis disease to the public.

October 2005

The first Charity Dinner was held at the Miramar Hotel for fundraising.

June 2005

The first issue of the Foundation Newsletter, “Arthritis Care”, was launched to let the patients, public to know the most updated information about the Foundation and the diseases.

October 2004

The first patient conference cooperated with the University of Hong Kong was held in order to raise the public concern about the correct information about arthritis diseases.

September 2004

“Patient Emergency Fund” was set up to provide a one-off financial assistance for patients with sudden and unforeseen financial hardship or unexpected change in their health condition which requires immediate treatment. The “Patient Activity Fund” was set up to offer sponsorship to registered patient self-help groups or related organizations to organize social and educational activities that promote the well being of people with arthritis and rheumatism.

March 2003

“Patient Support Fund” was set up to provide direct financial assistance to needy arthritis and rheumatic disease patients to purchase non-government subsidized medications and devices for arthritis rehabilitation, as well as home modification. The patients could apply for the funding through Medical Social Workers in public hospitals under the Hospital Authority. Up to Dec 2007, there were more than 300 cases approved.

October 2002

The first batch of HKARF Ambassador was elected and it was also the major event of International Arthritis Day 2002. The 5 ambassadors had a trip to Singapore to interflow with the patients in the Singapore Arthritis Foundation in 2003. The HKARF Ambassador Election holds every 2-3 years to praise the patients who suffered from arthritis diseases but still active to do many voluntary works to help others.

September 2002

The first educational VCD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, was produced by the HKARF.

April 2002

The first educational talk was held by HKARF. The topic of the talk was about arthritis diseases in children. After that, the Foundation holds different topic such as common arthritis in women, PsA, OA etc educational talks each year.

October 2001

The Hong Kong Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation (HKARF) was formed on October 2001 as a government-approved non-profit making charitable organization under the patronage of Prof Sir Harry Fang and the help from the Chairman Prof CS Lau.

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