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    I am an Italian citizen who moved to Hong Kong in 2023. I am employed here, therefore have a working VISA and HKID. I am contacting you because next year my girlfriend will move here from Italy too. She has a rheumatic pathology called "ankylosing spondilytis" for which, supervised by a rheumatologist, she's been under treatment with biologics Golimumab (Simponi) since 2018: 1 injection every 28 days. Nowadays the drugs are covered by the Italian National healthcare system. She will move here in February 2024, bringing along with her 4 doses of the drug to cover the potential period when she will not be HK resident yet. Our concern is how can she manage to obtain this specific drug afterwards? I guess it requires local prescription and then supply from a pharmacy / hospital? And are there any support schemes she can apply for once obtaining HK resident status?

    To obtain Golimumab in Hong Kong, your girlfriend will need to visit an outpatient clinic in either the public or private sector. It is recommended that she consult with a local rheumatologist who can assess her condition and provide the necessary prescription. The rheumatologist will be able to guide her through the process and provide further details about the specific treatment options available.

    Additionally, once your girlfriend obtains Hong Kong resident status, there are funding schemes available through public hospitals that can provide support for her. This support is subject to prior disease and financial assessment by a nurse and medical social worker.

    To get started, we recommend making an appointment with a rheumatologist in either the public or private sector. They will be able to provide comprehensive information and guide your girlfriend through the necessary steps to continue her treatment in Hong Kong.

    John Doe