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    I just learnt that lupus has an increase cancer risk. Is it true? What is the types of cancer lupus have? Is there any early screening?

    Lupus patients may have a higher risk of developing non-Hogkin's lymphoma. There are also recent studies showing an increased risk of hematological, lung, thyroid, liver, cervical, and vulvovaginal cancers in patients with lupus. However, other contributing factors such as the use of drugs or smoking may associate with the increased risks. Further study is required before having a solid conclusion. There is no screening program based on the above finding. In general, the adoption of cancer screening programs provided by the Public Health system or Government is suggested. Early report of any abnormal symptom to your doctor during medical follow-up may also be the best approach.

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    I am a SLE with skin being the presenting problem. Can Aspirin prevent the heart disease arising from vasculitis ?

    Aspirin may have a role in the prevention of coronary heart disease in patients with SLE. Its effect is mainly on the anti-platelet function i.e. prevention of blood clot formation on main blood vessels in the heart.
    However, it is only recommended to use aspirin in patients with underlying high cardiovascular risk profile such as smoker, high lipid level, Diabetes Mellitus, poorly controlled SLE, long term use of steroid etc. It is essential to consult your doctor for assessment before making the decision of the use of aspirin.

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