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Patient Conference 2012

Arthritis Patient Conference
Arthritis Treatment Treasure Box

Co-organized by the Foundation and the Community Rehabilitation Network (CRN), the Arthritis Patient Conference 2012, with the theme of “Arthritis Treatment Treasure Box”, was held successfully at Cheng Yu Tung Building, CUHK, on 22nd July 2012. There were a total of 338 participants. The Conference aimed to promote awareness and better understanding of arthritis diseases among the general public, and to provide more detailed, in-depth, most up-to-date information on dealing with the diseases.

The event commenced with an Opening Ceremony hosted by: Dr. KO Wing-man, Secretary of Food and Health; Dr. TAM Lai-shan, President of The Hong Kong Society of Rheumatology; Dr. CS LAU, Honourable President of the Foundation; Mr NG Hang-sau, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. It was followed by a total of 13 concurrent sessions separated into 4 Series. The topics are as follows:

1st Series:
1) Biologics - Dr. Gavin LEE
2) Pain Killers - Dr. Daniel NG
3) Immunosuppressant - Dr. CHAN Tak-hin
4) Osteoporosis - Dr. CHEUNG Tak-cheong

2nd Series:
5) Exercise Demonstration - Ms. Kristo SHUM
6) Exercise Demonstration - Ms. Kristo SHUM
7) Exercise Demonstration - Ms. Kristo SHUM

3rd Series:
8) Exercise Demonstration - Ms. Kristo SHUM
9) Music Therapy - Mr. NG Wai-man
10) Music Therapy - Mr. NG Wai-man

4th Series:
11) Art Therapy - Ms. Wendy KOU
12) Art Therapy - Ms. Wendy KOU
13) Self-image — Ms. Ivy SO

** Some notes could be downloaded by clicking the topics.

Since the Foundation had just launched the publication of its 10th anniversary book, two copies were prepared for each session to highlight the book to the participants. After the Speakers completed the presentation, he/she would quiz the audience about the contents of the presentation. Those who answered correctly would be awarded one copy. Lastly, there was a Q&A session. Participants actively asked questions and the Speakers answered with patience to solve their doubts.

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